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Claiming the 3rd EIP on a 2021 US personal tax return

March 14, 2022

US individuals who have not received the 3rd EIP (Economic Impact Payment) may claim the Recovery Rebate Credit when filing the 2021 (or 2020) US personal income tax return for $1,400 filing single ($2,800 filing jointly with spouse), plus $1,400 for each qualifying dependent. While eligibility does not have a minimum income level, the actual payment is affected by filing status, adjusted gross income (AGI) and qualifying dependents. 

Who cannot claim the EIP?

- Nonresident aliens

- Taxpayers without a valid US SSN at time of filing

- Taxpayers claimed as a dependent on another’s US tax return

- Those with AGI over $80,000 Single ($160,000 for joint return) – credit is phased out

- Date of death before January 1, 2021

Recovery Rebate Credit | Internal Revenue Service (

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