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Our Value Proposition for Professional Services

 We provide an array of services to our valued cross border tax clients who share our values.

  • We value transparency and professionalism.  The first step is to schedule an initial consultation as an introduction and to determine your tax needs.  Scheduled calls and meetings allow us to truly focus on you and the issues for discussion. We offer value based, fixed fee pricing and online payment options. Our Engagement Letter will clearly disclose the services we will provide, mutual responsibilities and expected timing.

  • We value innovation, communication, trust and expertise.  We use technology and standard processes to perform our work.  Our Client Portal is an integrated platform for document sharing and secure communications.  We will prepare your tax returns substantiated by current tax law at the time of preparation and using complete information you provide to us.  We will communicate any important information to you which affect your filings and keep you updated on the status.

  • We value integrity and efficiency.  We will apprise you of your tax deadlines or other applicable dates. We will deliver your tax returns or other agreed upon services within those dates.  The tax returns we prepare for you will include our tax preparer information.  

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